Rick Wheatley

Head of innovation

Rick Wheatley is head of innovation at Xyntéo. He began his career as an officer in the US Army where he served in a range of leadership roles in South Korea and the US. Rick left the military for client-facing leadership roles at IT integrator Perot Systems (now Dell Services) before shifting focus to innovation, cultural change, strategy and leadership development in 2003. After several years working on performance culture and leadership engagements for clients in Scandinavia, Rick took time off to film in-depth interviews with CEOs, thinkers and young professionals where he tried to connect leadership and purpose to the tremendous changes happening in the world.

Seeking to apply this learning and work on the most important issues of our time, Rick joined Xyntéo in 2012 and has since played a key role in developing the company’s approach to innovation, leadership and mindset change.

Rick currently designs and facilitates long-term programmes for international clients as they work to understand and adapt to the changing global landscape. To do this he leverages Xyntéo's unique network and his special interest in the developing context to help clients experience how the world is changing around them and instil in them the energy needed to see the world and their role in it in new ways.