Xyntéo believes in the unique power of collaboration – across borders and industries. We are proud to bring together a partnership of leading global companies: the Global Leadership and Technology Exchange (GLTE), which has the ambitious aim of reinventing growth.

What it does

The GLTE partnership connects global businesses engaged in the pursuit of resource-efficient, low-carbon growth. It builds senior executives' knowledge of how the changing resource picture and climate change are affecting their businesses and industries, and of how other companies are responding with innovation that embeds resource and carbon efficiency into the core of their businesses.

What sets the GLTE partnership apart is its bias for action. The partnership conceives and conducts projects that aim to enable businesses to grow in a new way, fit for the resource, climate and demographic realities of the 21st century. Through collaboration across industries, sectors and geographies, the GLTE partnership is working to show that the 'unthinkable' - stripping carbon and other forms of waste out of growth - is not only a possible alternative but also a highly desirable imperative, leading to a cleaner, safer world, prosperous economies and competitive, dynamic businesses. Xyntéo founded and runs the GLTE partnership.

How it does it

The GLTE partnership delivers projects that help reinvent growth, decoupling it from carbon and other forms of waste. Read more about past and present GLTE projects

Additionally, Xyntéo hosts bespoke GLTE events – increasingly these are small and targeted roundtables focusing on a particular challenge – at which members can connect with other partners from across a number of different sectors and industries and work together to develop their understanding of systems-level risks and opportunities and generate insights that go beyond the scope of their particular industry. 

The activities from the projects and roundtables culminate in an annual Global Projects Exchange, during which we review live projects and  debate how we can bring about new, effective forms of collaboration that will contribute to resource-efficient growth.

The partners

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