Norway 203040 Coalition


The Norway 203040 Coalition is the first of its kind to bring together the assets, skills and reach of some of the most successful companies in Norway to accelerate progress toward the government’s climate target.

In January 2015, in the first phase of the project, ten leading Norwegian businesses and three supporting partners identified opportunity areas – spheres in which we imagine Norway could, with bold and concerted collaboration between business and government, unlock new competitive positions. These areas were:

  • High-tech industry
  • Electric mobility
  • The bio-economy

And with finance highlighted as a key enabler.

Click here to download the 2015 ‘Norway 203040 – The Business Opportunity’ report (in English).

Click here to download the 2015 ‘Norway 203040 – The Business Opportunity’ report (in Norwegian).

At the launch of the ‘Norway 203040 – The Business Opportunity’ report on 20 October 2015, Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg said:

“It sends an important message when a coalition of leading Norwegian companies states that climate targets are a powerful incentive to strengthen themselves and Norway’s competitiveness in the future. Thank you for the commitment. By contributing to Norway being at the front of the green shift, you show clear leadership.”

With the continued and concerted push from business to build a future-fit Norway, this first phase has led to the continuation of the Norway 203040 project. Phase two will now span a three-year period from 2016 until 2018.

Our goals are:

  1. To maintain and continue to build the momentum toward Norway’s ‘203040’ climate target, seeking to support and develop new business opportunities towards a low-carbon economy.
  2. To exchange knowledge of intrinsically low-carbon business models across the partner companies and their sectors.
  3. To support innovative policy that can help accelerate the transition to a competitive, low-carbon economy.

The second phase of the project brings together business leaders from Agder Energi, Coca-Cola Enterprises, DNV GL, Hurtigruten, Hydro, IKEA Norway, Kongsberg Gruppen, Marine Harvest, Nordea Norway, Ruter, Snøhetta Oslo, SpareBank 1 Forsikring, Statkraft, Statnett, Statoil, Storebrand, Telenor Norway, Tine, Umoe and Veidekke, as well as contributing and supporting partners Elektroforeningen, WWF-Norway, Xyntéo and ZERO.

Over the course of 2016 we have been working together to identify the most material themes we could take up and lead as a coalition, based on the opportunity areas identified in phase one. We’ve then started to develop ideas, pilots and action plans around them. We have prioritised six themes:

  • Enhancing consumer awareness
  • Advancing the circular economy
  • Building a low-carbon neighbourhood
  • Unlocking low-carbon growth in the maritime sector
  • Electrifying transport
  • Financing low-carbon growth

Click here to download the 2016 ‘Norway 203040 Coalition’ report (in English).

Commenting on the Norway 203040 project, Xyntéo’s chairman and CEO Osvald Bjelland said:

“Each of the companies participating in the Norway 203040 Coalition has the potential to catalyse a different kind of growth. By combing forces across sectors and industries, we have the power to unlock the commercial opportunities in Norway’s low-carbon transition.”

Click here to view a short video on the project or here for the full video (in Norwegian).