Policy Shapers

Tackling 21st century water-energy-food-climate resource challenges.

Every day, the number of people inhabiting our planet grows by more than 210,000 and by 2030 it is estimated that our world will need 40 to 50 per cent more water, food and energy to keep up with rising demand.

So, the pressure is on to search for ways to make the most of the world’s finite resources and thereby ensure greater security for our vital energy, water and food supplies. 

Xyntéo is working with GLTE partners Royal Dutch Shell and Unilever to examine the response to the water-energy-food-climate ‘stress nexus’, and identify innovative policy models from around the world that can help address this 21st century challenge. We are seeking out strong policies that are replicable and scalable – and investigating the role business leaders can play in helping develop and spread them. We want to explore how businesses, policymakers and civil society can work together in new ways to develop and implement policy frameworks and processes that enable resource-efficient growth.

Watch the video below to hear insights from policy shapers at our roundtable in London: