Toilet Board Coalition and Xynteo partner on ambitious leadership programme


The Toilet Board Coalition and Xynteo’s Leadership Vanguard programme announce a new partnership aimed at uncovering new value in the Sanitation Economy across industry sectors.  The Leadership Vanguard is a CEO-sponsored corporate leadership development experience and acceleration programme which brings together leading companies to focus on systemic problems and pioneering future-fit growth. The Toilet Board Coalition’s business vision to scale up the Sanitation Economy will be a Vanguard theme for the next three years.

Vision 2025: Sanitation is no longer perceived as an expensive multi-billion dollar development problem but is instead seen as a circular and digitised waste-to-value system embedded in the operations and value chains of global businesses.  Achieving this vision will require a mindset change in the role that sanitation can play in sustainable business, and massive scale-up of Sanitation Economy business models.

This partnership aims to contribute to the Toilet Board Coalition’s strategy and create maximum impact while building leadership development experience within influential global businesses.  Corporate participants in the programme will work with high-potential impact enterprises that are operating in opportunity spaces for their organisations.  The programme’s collaborative approach will bring together the capabilities, networks and knowledge of businesses in the Xynteo-Toilet Board Coalition platforms.

"This partnership is a very exciting opportunity to bring new business expertise from a broader set of industrial sectors to sanitation, which remains one of the world’s most urgent development issues.  Equally, the opportunity to explore new value streams that sanitation can bring to a diverse set of sectors, while solving for multiple business sustainability issues at the same time, will be transformative.”  – Cheryl Hicks, Executive Director & CEO, Toilet Board Coalition

"We’re delighted to partner with the Toilet Board Coalition to work on such a critical systemic challenge, and to help our eight partners identify and realise the value for business and society in tackling it. We’re excited by the innovative impact enterprises working in this space and look forward to bringing the capabilities and leadership of global organisations as diverse as Unilever, Shell and ICRC to support their pathways to growth.’ - James Beresford, Programme Director, Leadership Vanguard and Managing Director, Xynteo 


Xynteo is an advisory firm working with leading businesses to transform themselves and the systems in which they operate for sustainable and inclusive growth. We work with leaders to design and deliver transformation within their businesses and we help businesses collaborate across sectors to drive action on systems challenges. Our programmes aim to catalyse partnerships, investment, and innovation towards a new kind of growth.

The Leadership Vanguard is a year-long acceleration and leadership development programme that brings together senior leaders from global organisations across industries and around the world to collaborate to influence systems and accelerate future-fit business models.


Established in 2015, the Toilet Board Coalition is a business-led partnership platform with the goal to accelerate the transition to the Sanitation Economy.  Our ambition is to transform sanitation systems from unaffordable public costs into robust marketplaces of sustainable business value.

The TBC is facilitating private sector engagement; large company - small company partnerships; and public-private collaboration to contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 6 - Universal access to water and sanitation.

We run the Sanitation Economy Accelerator, the world’s first accelerator programme dedicated to Sanitation Economy business solutions that are smart, circular, and resilient to address the unmet sanitation needs of the world’s most vulnerable.

The members of the Toilet Board Coalition believe that accelerating the Sanitation Economy will deliver significant benefits to business and society.

For Toilet Board Coalition inquiries, please contact: Alexandra Knezovich, in Geneva.

For media inquiries, please contact: Henry Kirby, Mullenlowe Salt, in London.