Europe Delivers

A community of business changemakers working together to strengthen European economies.

Europe Delivers strengthens the ability of leading businesses to reinvent growth. Together, our members build a cross-sector narrative for regional change, leading to commercial projects that can deliver systemic change and growth across the continent.


The Europe Delivers programme generates impact through commercial projects that individually and collectively support our shared mission and deliver strategic and commercial value for partners. 

Currently, the programme is working alongside Scania and other partners, to unleash the potential of Europe’s bioeconomy. The project BioAdvantage Europe, will help deliver on the aims to of the European Green Deal, including decarbonisation, creating employment opportunities for Europe’s post-Covid recovery, and supporting progress towards the Paris Agreement. Read more in our reports section.

We are also working beside Mastercard, to build an influential community of global businesses committed to shaping an inclusive gig economy for Europe. Read more about the initiative.

Four Grand Challenges

At the heart of this programme are four Grand Challenges, identified through engagement with stakeholders across Europe, that will shape the future of European growth.


A New Social Contract

How do we establish a new social contract between leaders and citizens fit for an inclusive, participative 21st century society?

The Future of Work

What will the future of work look like and how should the relationship between workers, the market and the state change amidst dramatic technological shifts?

A Green and Resilient Economy

How do we recalibrate the weighting between short-term economic growth and the long-term sustainability of our natural resources?

A Global Europe

How can Europe renew its leadership role on the global stage and build meaningful partnerships with the rest of the world?


Read our first report

Five Jobs To Be Done

To find out what European business leaders felt about the four Grand Challenges, Xynteo spoke with 27 CEOs, chairmen and C-suite executives from European companies. Xynteo selected five ‘jobs to be done’ to address these challenges. 

Read our second report 

At this point in time, when the European Union is formulating a new strategy for the green transition as well as a new industrial strategy, I believe that Europe Delivers’ specific suggestions and ideas can inspire decision-makers to accelerate the actions we need.
Connie Hedegaard, Former European Commissioner for Climate Action
Today there is a new social contract between the private sector and the public. Companies must think not only about the obligations they have to shareholders and employees, but also about their obligations to society and the ways in which we work and live. Europe Delivers adds an important voice to this new social dynamic and highlights the need for social responsibility to be embedded in the strategy of organisations of every size and every sector.
Hans Vestberg, Chairman & CEO, Verizon Communications Inc.
Globalisation brought prosperity for billions of people but not for all people in all countries. The response shouldn’t be to put up fences, but to make globalisation more inclusive.
Feike Sijbesma, CEO, DSM
Businesses have a responsibility to step up and help governments design and provide solutions, through sustained dialogue, public private partnerships where relevant, or more innovative cooperation.”
Thomas Buerbel, CEO, AXA
Let’s build on our proud heritage as Europeans and not depress ourselves into the future.”
Antonio Mexia, CEO, EDP

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