The Performance Theatre

The Performance Theatre is an annual meeting of leaders, thinkers, influencers and doers from around the world.

Participants gather under a shared conviction that we need to ‘reinvent growth’ – be it personal, commercial or economic – so that it: works with rather than against nature; benefits the many rather than the few; and delivers value over the long term as well as the short.

Each year The Performance Theatre plays out in a different location; we have previously travelled to Singapore, London, Oslo, Lisbon, Istanbul, Beijing, Germany and beyond. And each year we are guided by a globally relevant theme. Our local partners give the Theatre and its theme a firm grounding in our host country’s context, culture and community.

We draw inspiration from the arts – especially but not exclusively the performing arts – to catalyse introspection and inspire future-fit leadership. We believe that our immersive programme’s use of arts-inspired interaction models help participants engage with leadership challenges in new ways. We keep passive listening to a minimum, and design sessions to emphasise learning, discovery and practice connected to our theme.

The Theatre

The Performance Theatre provides a safe space for leaders from different sectors to learn, explore, reflect, and question accepted wisdom. First staged in Bergen, Norway, in 2000, The Performance Theatre has since been played out in venues the world over, from New Delhi, St Petersburg and London, to Beijing, Istanbul, Venice and Washington DC.

The Inspired Leadership Award

In order to recognise and reward emerging leaders whose personal leadership has generated more sustainable, ethical and socially responsible business/organisational practices, we present the Inspired Leadership Award each year as part of the Theatre.

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Stay tuned for the 20th Anniversary of the Performance Theatre, taking place in The Netherlands next year! Visit our website below:

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Saya Snow Kitasei

Director, The Performance Theatre