The Performance Theatre

The Performance Theatre is a community of leaders from business, policy, civil society and the arts who share a vision for a new kind of growth.

The Performance Theatre's (TPT) mission is to inspire the leadership needed to ‘reinvent growth’, whether personal, commercial or economic. We do this by creating safe space for leaders across diverse sectors to learn, explore, reflect, and question accepted wisdom. TPT seeks participants from a wide range of backgrounds who are in positions to effect change.

Held in a different location every year, and shaped by the host country’s context, culture and community, our immersive, two-day programmes help leaders, decision-makers and influencers tackle leadership challenges in new ways. We design experiences that emphasise interaction, exploration and brave conversations, to deliver new insights and unlock better growth for leaders, their organisations and the systems in which they operate.


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Saya Snow Kitasei

Director, The Performance Theatre