Sustainable Transport Systems

CO₂ emissions from transport in Europe need to reach net-zero by the middle of the century. But they are currently continuing to grow year-on-year: between 1990 and 2017 emissions increased by 28%. So we have to act now to reverse the emissions trend in the transport sector: not only passenger cars but trucks, ships and planes. With population and economic growth increasing, this means we need decisive and rapid action to bend the curve and move to a more sustainable pathway.

About the Scania Challenge 

Sustainable biofuels are a vital part of the solution. For heavy-duty road transport, they are one of the only options available today for delivering large, fast, reductions in CO2 emissions. Efficiency and smarter vehicle use also need to play a major part. And in future, electrification will make a very significant contribution. But without using all of these, starting with those that are at hand now, we will exceed our carbon budget for transport within a few years. Scania is investing in all of these areas, creating commercial partnerships, projects, and products that will power low-emissions trucks into the future. 

Together with Scania, we are now looking for bold entrepreneurs with unconventional solutions to working to disrupt the current heavy-transport system and collaboratively solve the challenge: How might we shift to sustainable transport systems? 

Apply now to join the Xynteo Exchange. The 50 selected Impact Maker finalists will pitch and showcase their solutions, at the Marketplace during the Xynteo Exchange/Norway 2019. The Exchange is made of a curated tribe of 500+ business leaders, policy-makers and innovators where finalists can find mentorship, meet with potential partners, pursue funding from the Nordic investing community and compete to win a €50,000 cash prize – The Impact Maker Award 2019.  

Challenge Areas