Transforming finance for a future-fit world

Despite progress in tackling our planet’s most pressing societal issues, we have a long way before we achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Achieving these goals will put the world on the right track to a more equitable future while preserving the environment for generations to come. However, achieving the SDGs requires significant resources. With a sizeable annual investment gap of US$2.5 trillion, leveraging private capital at scale is essential since public capital alone is not enough to meet the SDGs.

About the Nordea Studio

Banks play a key role in society and can take an active part in closing the SDG financing gap. The finance sector and businesses need to implement new financing models that incentivise capital flow to investments aligned with the SDGs.

For that to happen, we need to evolve banking itself to deliver social and environmental impact at scale. With instruments like green bonds, sustainable funds and impact investing, we can make a big change to a sustainable future. However, it’s important that these instruments are available to the general public and that they are aware of the impact they can make through sustainable finance products. Only when awareness is turned into action can we begin to move the needle and affect the change we seek.

At The Xynteo Exchange this year, Nordea will host a Studio to accelerate sustainable finance. On day one, we will investigate the complex nature of how finance can catalyse positive impact on society and the environment; and explore how our capabilities could be brought to deliver future-fit finance models. On day two, we will identify potential interventions within these problem areas, with the aim of developing early-stage concepts for projects that can deliver both human and commercial value. Finally, we will select the most promising concepts to present in the Marketplace.

Date and time: 9 October, 1230 - 1730 & 10 October, 0830 - 1300

Location: Røverstaden, Munkedamsveien 15, 0250 Oslo, Norway (beneath the Oslo Concert Hall)


  • Ingrid Røynesdal, CEO, Oslo Philharmonic Opera 
  • Snorre Storset, Head of Asset & Wealth Management, Nordea
  • Cecilia Repinski, Executive Director, Stockholm Green Digital Finance
  • Thina Saltvedt, Chief Analyst Sustainable Finance, Nordea
  • Ridhima Pandey, Youth Activist

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Transforming finance for a future-fit world

Transforming finance for a future-fit world

Munkedamsveien 15
0250 Oslo

Studio Lead

Daniel Rostrup

Principal, Xynteo