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Europe Delivers is a business-led partnership working to build future-fit growth in Europe.

Representing major companies from a range of industries, we are committed to using our leadership and commercial capital to advance growth that works with nature, not against it; that benefits the many, not the few; and that creates value across generations, not quarters.

We believe that our competitiveness – as companies and as economies – depends on it.

Europe Delivers pursues its mission in three ways: through creating impact, transforming narratives, and engaging leaders of Europe.

The partnership is currently led by nine companies whose leaders share two broad beliefs.

First: that we must collaborate across industries and sectors to accelerate Europe’s transition to a sustainable and inclusive growth model.

Second: that, despite its own challenges, Europe’s track record of enterprise, innovation, international cooperation, environmental stewardship and social fairness makes it an increasingly important source of leadership on the world stage.

We catalyse impact through practical projects that apply innovative commercial solutions to complex systems challenges in areas such as food, energy and the future of work.

Unleashing the potential of Europe’s bioeconomy

We’re working with Scania to build a trusted cross-sector network collaborating to grow Europe’s bioeconomy, through a shared vision and roadmap for system interventions. Together we’re aiming to enable the bioeconomy value chain to speak with a unified voice, supporting policy change and initiating collaborative projects resulting in decarbonisation, rural growth and new jobs. The project entitled BioAdvantage Europe, will help deliver on the aims to of the European Green Deal, including decarbonisation, creating employment opportunities for Europe’s post-Covid recovery, supporting biodiversity goals and progress towards the Paris Agreement.

BioAdvantage Europe

Building an inclusive flexible working economy for Europe

We’re working with Mastercard to develop a platform and shared position for influential stakeholders on an inclusive flexible working economy, aiming to deliver tools and business models that strengthen the income security of flexible workers. Together we’re building a community dedicated to collaborative action around a shared vision and running Innovation Sprints to build practical solutions.

Mastercard Gig Economy

Tackling the barriers to realising a positive future of work

We’re working with Verizon to build clarity about the future of work we want, drawing on lessons from the US and Europe. We are working together with a wide range of experts and practitioners on both sides of the Atlantic to understand the barriers preventing this desired future from becoming reality and to recommend how to tackle them. More coming soon...

Verizon - Future of Work

Catalysing the energy transition

We are working with Shell to accelerate the energy transition in Europe in line with Shell’s ambition to become a net zero emissions energy business by 2050, or sooner, in step with society. Shell recognises that to achieve its ambition its business plans will need to change, so together we are building a practical and scalable approach. By leveraging existing Shell strategies and initiatives we are aiming to help decarbonise road transportation, which alone contributes more than 20% of the EU’s total CO2 emissions.

Shell ED project


We are working with this leadership community and beyond to create narratives with the intellectual and emotional power to drive the change in decisions and mindsets needed to transform our societies and economies.

The thought leadership conversation

What could the future look like in 2025 – and what choices will business leaders be faced with? As part of our continued work on narrative we are developing a series of scenarios as plausible stories about how the future might develop. Based on our interviews with leaders across Europe and detailed research, these scenarios are designed to inspire business leaders in Europe to think differently about some of the key challenges we are likely to face.

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CHOOSE GROWTH - Shaping Europe´s future now 

3 doors ED

Previous reports

In 2019, we interviewed European business leaders on the four ‘Grand Challenges’ identified and explored in our 2018 report. This led to five ‘jobs to be done’ to address these challenges, namely:

1. Move beyond shareholder primacy
2. Lead the consumer
3. Shape the future of work
4. Liberate data through trust
5. Reset the collaboration between business and government

Read the report here

Europe Delivers cover - Unlocking Europe's vibrant future - 5 jobs to be done

In 2018, through engagement with a large and diverse community of stakeholders across Europe we identified four ‘Grand Challenges’, that would shape the future of European growth, namely:

1. A new social contract
2. The Future of Work
3. A Green and Resilient Economy
4. A Global Europe

Read the report here

Europe Delivers cover - A new kind of growth for Europe - 4 grand challenges


We are actively building a European community of leaders across industries and sectors with the values, will and capabilities to break away from the current growth model and build a new one, fit for the challenges of our time.

Advisory board

Europe Delivers is guided by an independent Advisory Board of purpose-driven business and political leaders.

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Europe Delivers Advisory Board

Policy engagement

2020, we held a virtual roundtable bringing together partners, key allies and friends. Convened by Xynteo, the session saw CEOs and senior executives from Scania, Yara, DB Schenker, DNV GL, Shell, Hindustan Unilever and EDP exchange views with the Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg on how to recover better.

Read the report here

Europe Delivers cover - Recover better - pathways to a new kind of growth


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